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Shvaaskin brings to you a collection of products that have clean, healthy ingredients which provides straightforward results.

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Shvaaskin is synonymous with producing simple and effective skin and hair care products.

Ashokkumar, Dermatologist | Founder

Shvaaskin Hair Care Collection

Hair Care

Everybody has different types of hair. But whether yours is curly, straight... 

Shvaaskin Satori Lesa Moisturising Collection


This is your reminder to moisturise and hydrate yourself right now! Shvaaskin... 

Shvaaskin Bar Soap Collections Explore

Soap bars

Shvaaskin first introduced these best-selling products, Sattva - Normal skin, Satori -... 

  • Shvaaskin Vegan 100% Percent


    Clean beauty results in beautiful skin, inside and out.

  • Shvaaskin Dermatologically Tested

    Dermatologically Tested

    Our products are kind to your skin and do not usually cause allergies.

  • Shvaaskin Silicone Free

    Silicone Free

    We use ingredients that are clean, simple and harmless for you and the planet!

  • Shvaaskin Cruelty Free

    Cruelty Free

    We are all one and the same!

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